Shamanic Orgasmic Wisdom

Wednesday  8 August  2018  5:00 PM    Sunday  12 August  2018 2:00 PM
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Last update 13/08/2018

:: Be welcome for this residential summer Tantra training ::

Tantra & Shamanism work as a healling science & as a way to elevate consciousness.
Both are based in 3 dimensions: the physical body; theastralbody and the causal body.
In our times, allopathic medicine is going back to the old wisdom of practices like: Ayurveda, Yoga, Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, natural remedies between other ones.
In some aspects, Science and Supra-Natura are becoming in the middle.
Tantric Shamanistic knowledge combines also both aspects of this middle point.
Sacred Sexuality is one of the main aspects and tools that Tantric Shamanism uses to heal, to connect with the universe and develop the communication with the
Supra-Consious and the Supra-Natura.

In this training we will explore the power, knowledge and experience of sexual energy, ritualism, and embodied shraman practices and where they can take us. The objective is to share two methods and some techniques within them: Tengerism (the shraman belief system of interconnected sacred supra- natura) & TantricShamanic technology.

With Love Johannes & Anand

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Møn Retreat Center
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Møn Retreat Center
Vollerupgade 2A, Askeby, 4792, Denmark