Seasonal allergies management with natural methods.

Saturday  21 April  2018  3:00 PM    Saturday  21 April  2018 6:00 PM
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Conventional medicine explains that seasonal allergy develops when the body’s immune system becomes sensitized and overreacts to something in the environment that normally does not cause a body reaction. They identify that pollen, smog, dust, some chemicals in the air and some other substances could trigger reaction in sensitive individuals. What is not clear is why only some people get a sensitive & overactive immune system ? What makes those people different from others?

Holistic medicine says: for every effect (change in the body) there is a cause. Cause is never single, it is a combination between internal and external factors.

The key to overcome allergies is to find out your individual contributing factors and create a holistic program to transform those factors.

During our workshop we shall explore:

1. Nontraditional holistic theory on the immune system
2. How the immune system works on the energy level
3. What makes a difference for people with allergies in general
4. Explore into your individual sign /symptoms to find out what makes a difference on your personal level
5. Get tips on diet and herbal remedies.

During the workshop you will answer some questionnaire
This questionnaire will help to identify personal patterns of disharmony. It will give a chance for each participant to create more holistic picture of their conditions.

Please note that in Holistic Medicine there isn't a "one size feet all" answer. Everyone has their own causative events that lead to this condition. If you are looking for your personal in-depth understanding, it is advised to consult a professional therapist.

Price: early bird (sign in and pay before 18.04.18) dk.290.00.
Price after 18.04.18: dk.390.00
Bonus for 5 early birds: Free NES body scan to test food sensitivities. (NES body scan was built on theory of quantum physics and can read energetic performance of different organs-systems of the body)
Payment: mobile pay 4550503005 or cash at the door.
You can reserve your place by sending email to:

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