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For the  fifth  time  we offer Primal - Childhood Deconditioning in Denmark from May 27 to June 03, 2018 at Inspirationscenter, Maribo. 

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Organizer: Puja Lepp

A week long personal development retreat that offers a complete emotional, physical, mental and spiritual reboot for people who sense their unprocessed emotions from childhood are holding them back in their working lives, life purpose, family, relationship and sexuality.


Founded by Puja Lepp, the Primal-Childhood Deconditioning process is a week-long residential healing retreat that helps you to liberate yourself from restrictive childhood conditioning that compromises your working lives, life purpose, family, relationships, sexuality and spiritual well-being. 
The journey begins in the present and leads you step by step back to your childhood to experience and understand the parental and environmental conditioning you received in the past. It was then that you learned how to relate to others and how to get their love and approval. It was then that you absorbed your parent’s patterns of behavior and formed your values. 
Whether you aware of it or not, your very sense of self is more strongly influenced by early life conditioning than most of us ever imagine, unless amended and changed by therapeutic interventions. Processing deeply held feelings will help you to make significant positive changes in your life .You will start to respond to situations from a place of conscious choice. ARE YOU READY TO START?

While challenging, this workshop is held in a secure container of presence, love, integrity and great heart. 
A variety of methods is used, including emotional/physical exercises, writing assignments, drawing, guided visualization, teaching/group sharing, times of silence, meditations, emotional release/catharsis and scientific trauma release therapy.

Facilitator: Puja Lepp

She has been involved with Primal Therapy as a growth tool for over 30 years, and she is one of the most effective Primal Therapy facilitator available to this day .She has been a pioneer in extracting the best of the best from the Western psychology and Eastern mystical traditions into deep work that produces lasting transformation. She has a professional background in Social Psychology (HP, Munich).


Investment: 1700 eur. including food and lodging.

There are a few things you can do to find out if the retreat is for you: 
1) Listen to what graduates share about their experience:
2) Book a 15 min free of costs orientation talk with Puja: +49 89 6417206
3) Secure your seat

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