Manifestation of a circular development in Kolding

Wednesday  22 August  2018  4:00 PM    Wednesday  22 August  2018 6:00 PM
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Last update 24/08/2018

The piazza project, based at Nicolai Kultur courtyard, will host a composite event curated by Empty Your Wardrobe, on August 22nd h.16-18.
It origins in the collaboration between the two partners, willing to stress the importance of the debate on sustainability in a public venue, open to support an exchange of ideas and proactive dialogue.
The Manifestation aims to raise awareness on the main causes that Empty Your Wardrobe promotes: sustainable living and Circular Economy. Two concepts that are the theoretical frame to study how citizens and businesses can contribute to creating a new economic paradigm. Good practices, different lifestyles and daily habits, fair purposes for the future - both in industrial productions, markets, and lifestyles - will be the core of the event which will include a pop-up exhibition of an upcycled collection called ЗОВВ and a series of talks, both curated by EYW.
The event will be open to local citizens, students, internationals: an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and create new networks in a place, The piazza, that has been designed and displayed as an experimental, open and public meeting place, at disposal of citizens 24/7 until the end of September.
Four talks in English and Danish, led by people belonging to different working experiences and with diverse backgrounds, will open the event presenting ongoing projects and goals for the coming years: the leitmotif of the talks will be to explain the need of raising the awareness and changing daily habits in order to reduce the waste and to inspire smarter choices of consumption.
A pop-up exhibition focusing on the exemplary case of the 3OBB collection, designed by Empty your Wardrobe in collaboration with the designer Melinda Hubin / CONKORZIA, will display samples of sustainable fashion producing.
Few pieces from the upcycling Колекция Зовв will represent a circular flow of the textiles. It will illustrate the circular business model of EYW, which aims to reduce the impact on the nature of the textile waste.
The exhibition, developed by an international team of fashion stylists, students, and young entrepreneurs, is for the first time presented in Kolding, after the launch of the collection in September 2017 in Sofia (Bulgaria).
For better organizing, subscribe to participate before August 17th: follow the registration form or write an email to
*There is no limit on seats but in case the weather is rainy, the event will be inside Nicolai Cafe and we have a limitation of 20 seats.
Der fokus på den cirkulære økonomi, når The Piazza Project i Nicolai Gården sammen med Empty Your Wardrobe er vært for en række foredrag om genbrug og cirkulær økonomi.
Det sker når The Piazza Project i samarbejde med Empty Your Wardrobe præsenterer ”A Perfect Circle: Manifestation of a circular development in Kolding.”
Både The Piazza Project og Empty Your Wardrobe vil øge bevidstheden om bæredygtig levevis og cirkulær økonomi hos Koldings borgere og inviterer derfor alle til at komme forbi og blive klogere på hvordan man lever bæredygtigt, hvordan ud kan ændre dine vaner, og hvorfor det er vigtigt.
På dagen kan man opleve fire talere, der alle har gjort deres erfaringer med bæredygtighed og cirkulær økonomi og gerne vil dele ud af deres viden.

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