EMS Heart Hack - Hack to save lives

Friday  14 September  2018  6:00 PM    Sunday  16 September  2018 6:00 PM
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Last update 17/09/2018

EMS COPENHAGEN - Heart Hack, Hack to save lives

To put this idea into action, they are inviting developers, designers, marketers, city planners and medical experts to come to innovate for three days at the Tivoli Hotel And Conference center in Copenhagen.

This year's hackathon aims to develop innovative concepts using relevant data and technologies in medical software development. Participants get to leverage the most recent and up-to-date AED devices, with cutting-edge tech to create digital solutions.

Talented developers, designers, medical students and innovative startups are invited to join the event on September 14-16th at the Tivoli Hotel And Congress Center in Copenhagen. The best hackers will be rewarded with cash and other prizes.

Attending the hackathon not only gives people a chance to help save lives, but there will be some great prizes and networking as well.

The venue will be announced soon.

First place prize: 5.000€

Second place prize: 3.000€

Third place prize: 2.000€


Detailed agenda to be announced soon!

Confirm your attendance by registering today!

Any questions please contact lauri@bemyapp.com

Free ticket: EUR 0.0

Nearby hotels and apartments
Tivoli Hotel, 2 Arni Magnussons Gade
København, 1577, Denmark
Tivoli Hotel, 2 Arni Magnussons Gade
København, 1577, Denmark