Basic Danish during maternity/paternity leave

Wednesday  24 January  2018  10:00 AM
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Last update 25/01/2018

This is a Danish class aimed at parents on maternity or paternity leave, who would like to continue their Danish education but are unable to attend classes at their sprogskole.

It is in a mothers' group setting, so there is no need to find a babysitter! Babies are more than welcome! :)

The materials will be aimed at teaching practical Danish for everyday use. For example, vocabulary for asking your child's pedagogue at the vuggestue how your child's day was, chatting to a neighbour, making appointments and much more.

We will learn and we will hygge! :) All at a very affordable price: 6 lessons (1.5 hours each) for DKK 495.

The first lesson is on Wednesday, 24 January, at 10 am at AOF Vejle (next to the outdoor ice skating rink).

For more info and to sign up, please follow this link:…/Sprog/Engelsk/4275231/


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AOF Vejle
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