Art of Loving – Valentine`s Wisdom of Tantra

Thursday  14 February  2019  7:00 PM    Thursday  14 February  2019 9:45 PM
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This event is an ideal opportunity for couples to share Valentine’s Day with each other in a MEANINGFUL and warmhearted way; investing in what truly matters; happiness, alive, deeper connection, and also to enjoy a JOYFUL, ROMANTIC evening together. Take the opportunity to enrich the relationship with new perspectives and new emotional horizons, to infuse it with a NEW IMPULSE to grow closer and get deeper.
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The evening will begin with in-depth inspirations of Tantra, learning KEYS TO GO DEEPER in love and refresh the love, followed by a guided workshop of simple exercises of being more present, aware and in touch with ourselves, inviting to let the heart vibrate in joy, to step into the magic of Now, to taste the delicious savour of togetherness in the heart!
We will also take care to bring FLOWERS and CHOCOLATE (homemade honey aphrodisiac chocolate ;) and many MAGICAL MOMENTS and you can simply come AS YOU ARE!
Profound yearning for love
True love is something people search and yearn for, whether they are conscious about it or not. There is nothing more fulfilling, more uplifting, that brings more joy and happiness and grants a feeling of purpose in life – than love. Yet true love seems to be hard to find, and once found it seems to be even harder to hold on to. Often people rejoice with a new-found love just to see it slowly wither away and vanish. Often the joy and bliss of love make way for heartache later on.
Love doesn’t have to disappear
It doesn’t have to be this way. Love doesn’t have to be difficult and painful; it doesn’t have to end with disillusionment.
Love can be as natural as breathing and is an organic part of our being. More importantly, true love can stand the tests of time and just grow stronger and more joyful if given the proper conditions. Even more, true love is not some mythical creature from fairy tales, it is all around us, waiting for us to notice it and let it in.
All we need is to know how
It is no wonder that love is on the rocks, considering that most people receive no real education about how to love. Without proper guidance on the matter, the emotional education rests on the models portrayed in silly Hollywood romantic comedies, which lack any real depth and authenticity.
All we need is a little guidance into the ways of the heart and then we can give it the true freedom to spread its wings and fly.
What are the steps to learn to love profoundly?
• Learn the difference between love and lust. This confusion is the source of many disappointments.
• Learn that we don’t choose when and who to love, but what we do choose is whether or not to open the door of our heart for love to manifest once it comes knocking. Most cases of lack of love are not because love isn’t there but because the door to it stays closed.
• Learn how to create the conditions within ourselves and within our relationship for love to continue to flourish and thrive without end.
• Learn how to communicate and read the fundamental needs of our heart and the heart of our beloved
Singles are also welcome to this Valentine´s event
Singles are also welcome to join this event, alone or with a friend. Matters of the heart are of interest for everybody. And the content of this workshop can also be very useful for a future relationship
Important information
• Limited places available
• No nudity or any form of erotic interaction
PREPAY / EARLY BIRD: 149,-(until the day before)
Bring a friend/for couples: 199,- for 2 (until the day before)
For Natha members: 99,-
Attention, If you pay at the door we can not guarantee a place for you since we have a limited amount of places.
Sign up on the webpage:
or via Mobilepay: 59673, write "Valentines Arh + your names and emails"
• Venue: Vester Alle 8, lokale 209, Aarhus
About the teachers: Emanuel Langhoff & Sabina Serban

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Natha Yogacenter Aarhus
Vester Alle, Aarhus, Region Midtjylland, Danmark
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